When taking in stray animals, it's always important to take them to the vet to keep them safe. Click here for more information.

What to Expect During a Neutering Procedure for Your Dog

30 October 2023
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Neutering your dog is a responsible decision to not only control overpopulation but also to avoid any health complications in your furry companion. Although it's a common procedure, it's normal to be anxious about what to expect during the process. Here's a quick look at everything you need to know about the neutering procedure, from what happens before the procedure to what to expect during and after it. Preparation Before the Procedure
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Dogs And Dental Decay: Can A Canine Receive A Crown?

15 June 2022
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If you have a cavity in one of your teeth, you will (or at least, should) have it filled. If the cavity is particularly deep, and the tooth's overall structure has been compromised as a result of this deepening decay, you may need a dental crown fitted over the tooth to permanently reinforce it. Without this intervention, the tooth will continue to deteriorate (which can be painful) until it can be lost entirely.
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What If Your Cat Is In Heat When Due To Be Spayed?

15 April 2021
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When you have a female kitten, most vets will recommend having her spayed before she goes into heat. So, if you have her spaying appointment scheduled, the day is approaching or has arrived, and your cat is in heat — you may be wondering what to do. Sometimes the vet may still want to spay the cat as scheduled, and other times, they may recommend delaying the appointment. To help you understand what your vet's goals are in this situation, here's a closer look.
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Getting a New Dog? 2 Things You Should Do for It First

26 March 2020
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If you are getting a new dog, this is an exciting time for both your dog and for you. There are two things you should do for your new dog first to ensure you both are happy. Below are two of these things so you can start the process. Spay/Neuter If your dog is around six months of age or over and is not spayed/neutered, you should get this done as soon as you can.
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